Important: these steps should be followed ONLY if the specified error code is2147180503

You have reached the maximum number of network monitoring applications that windows allows (such as VPN's, antivirus, etc.).

The driver failed to install with error code 0x8004a029.

This maps to the Microsoft error code NETCFG_E_MAX_FILTER_LIMIT - Indicates that the application is trying to install a filter device, but the maximum number of filter devices that the system supports has already been reached.

The following registry entry can be changed to increase the number of filters you can have on your machine. Here's how:


1. In Windows, open the registry editor:
Windows XP: Start-run-type regedit
Windows Vista, 7: Start-type regedit


2. In the left pane, navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/Current/ControlSet/Control/Network


3. In the right pane, double-click entry named MaxNumFilters


4. The MaxNumFilters Value data is set to 8 by default.  14 may be a more appropriate number given how many network filters you currently have installed and this should allow Replay Media Cather to install its driver. Change the value to 14 and click OK.


5. It may be a good idea to remove other filter using software to prevent your computer from being overload.